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Acceptance Mark
The ET Door Marker
ET Door Marker

ELEAT Technologies now offers the Door Marker as part of their line of First Responder tools and products.

The Door Marker was designed to aid the operator in room clearing exercises by allowing searched rooms and doorways to be identified clear by attachment of the visual marker.

  • Manufactured from high strength / high alloy steel.
  • Bright red color for easy identification.
  • Holes for use with D-rings or ribbon marking.

The device is deployed by insertion in between the door and jamb of the door. A quick quarter-turn, and the door has been marked as clear and secure.

The special tooth design allow the marker to be deployed on metal and wood frame doors. Additionally the device is self adjusting to allow for the highly variable conditions which arise during these operations.

Depending on the construction, the Door Marker will actually bar the door from opening until removed. The door marker is a must-have addition to first responder kits and bags.

The Door Marker is fabricated with an asymmetric design to allow both positive locking and proper engagement during low and no light level use.

"The Door Marker was recently selected for incorporation into the new TTPOA Quick Response Go Bag."

Download the Door Marker brochure!